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Allegan Motorsports was founded on having fun, enjoying time with family and friends as well as supporting the  motocross community

We are privileged to work hand and hand with Cobra Factory in helping develop some of the top riders in the country as well as build some of the fastest  engines for these riders.


We are here for the families and the motocross community because for us that is what this is all about. We do not have a kid in the hunt, so all the riders are treated like if they were our own. We believe riders and parents deserve quality service and products that they can trust, and this is what Allegan has always strived to provide.

We are here for all riders, if you ride the Allegan logo or not. Find us at the track, we are there to make sure you have parts, and there to work on and ensure your bikes are running to the top of its ability. Mechanics trailer is always on site.


Honesty, Integrity, Family and Community, some things just never go out of style.

We have a 1.3 mile track at our facility that during the year we open up to kids to come ride on Wednesdays and weekends that we are not out doing trackside support.

During the year we pick a couple of weekends that we have Ride Days. These are free of charge and are a lot of fun. Usually we bring in a trainer to work with the kids and there is always a lot of food.
We are looking forward to the 2015 season, so keep a look out for the calendar to see up coming events.

"Allegan Motorsports set an outstanding benchmark for customer service that will be tough (if not impossible) for anyone to surpass."
-SeanHilbert 2008                                                                                                                                                                                         "hahaha......your back.. Most people on here probably don't remember you guys.. Only the greatest Cobra 50 engine guys of all time." - ryder25 2013


"Thanks Allegan Motorsports, saved the day, great feeling knowing guys like you are out there supporting us when we need Cobra support." - Jeff Sterling 2013                                                 

                                                                                                        "Bike ran flawless and is by far the best bike we have owned in our almost 5 years between Jrs and Srs. If you are thinking of doing a National motor I would call these guys." - Jordan Krisch 2013

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Why We Do It.